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Wow, it has been a while since I did a blog post. This summer has really gotten away from me. But I wanted to share this family session I did this September. I have wanted to do a Flint Hills photo session for so long, but it is a bit of a drive, and Kansas wind doesn’t always comply. But this evening was absolutely perfect for this Flint Hills Family Photos.

Marissa first contacted me to celebrate her daughter’s 6-month milestone; she ended up deciding to do a family session but wanted something nature, but not normal nature photos. I said that if they are up for it, I have always wanted to do a Flint Hills-type session, but it is just a bit of a drive. They were up for it!

Next was mostly me worried about how the weather was going to be that day, you can’t predict Kansas weather, and the days leading up to this day was WINDY. I have been to this spot before and just about blew off of the hill due to the wind. There is nothing protecting the area from wind, sun or bad weather. Luckily, we had a perfect evening. A lot of smoke had been blowing in from distant fires, so the setting sun was hazy, creating the perfect soft, warm light. There was little to no wind, which is a miracle itself in Kansas.

Things to know about this location

I wanted to share this particular Flint Hills Family Photos session because several people contacted me about doing something similar, and I wanted to give some details about this spot. First, it is a little over an hour’s drive north of Wichita. So you have to be willing to do a bit of travel. Second, as I mentioned, it is way out in the open. So booking a time when the weather is a bit more calm and predictable is ideal. September, I find, is normally a quieter month around here for wind and storms. Third, be prepared for some epic shots. Wear flowing dresses to catch the wind and maybe a hat.

Message me today if you are looking for a similar session!

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