Naomi + Prince’s Wedding

When I took Naomi and Prince’s engagement photos, literally the week before their wedding, I knew that their wedding day was going to be phenomenal. And I was right. Naomi and Prince’s wedding day really was just epic. The details in the decor, the color palette, her dresses (yes, plural) everything was just spot on.

Naomi and Prince are actually from the UK and they planned their wedding day from overseas with the help of an amazing coordinator, Stacy Ternes. Naomi is from Kansas, but she moved to the UK for her education and happened to find her Prince along the way. Because of the distance, we weren’t able to do their engagement photos until the week before the wedding. But that was totally worth the wait. Their engagement photos even matched the colors of their wedding.

The color palette consisted of light blues, lights pinks, and purples. It was giving every Bridgerton vibe. Everything was so soft and romantic, I absolutely loved it.

Naomi and Prince also had a dress change from the ceremony to the reception. She changed into a more traditional dress that represented their culture and where they came from.

Not only was Naomi and Prince’s wedding gorgeous, but they are just some awesome humans. I had a blast with them and loved watching them enjoy their night. I am a bit sad they had to go back to the UK, but I love reliving Naomi and Prince’s wedding through these photos, enjoy!

The Team

Venue: Brick and Mortar
Coordinator: Stacey Ternes-Garner
Makeup Artist: Myra Zapeda
Hair Stylist: Brandon Vann
Florist: Lush-Trina Williams
Catering: El Patio
Bakery: Lindsay Houser
DJ: Chris Boyd

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