My passion for helping other entrepreneurs. 

Photography Mentorships

I have such a passion for small business and following your dreams. Listening to people talk about their hobbies, passions and taking risks to make those dreams a reality will literally bring tears. I just love it and I want to help as much as I can.

As a photographer I can do a lot for small businesses by helping with their personal brand and getting their online presence bigger. For other photographers I can do even more. I have 10+ years of experience, learning from failures,  successes and just practice. Do I know it all, absolutely not. But if you are looking to start your own photography business, want to learn how I run my business, what I use and how I do it all, this is the place for you.

The first step of the experience is you reaching out to me and saying hi!!,  then I will send you over my pricing guide! Which includes everything you may want to ask, like travel fees, additional hours or maybe adding that sexy boudoir session.

I will ask you some questions about your wedding plans to see if we are a good fit for each other, and then we are off! We can either meet up in person or chat via Zoom to get to know each other better and you can ask me any other questions that you may have that isn't covered in my Wedding Pricing Guide.



Once you have decided that you love me and my style, we can get on to making it official! I will send over an invoice, contract and a questionnaire to get all you basic information (this is all digitally sent over). Once deposit and contract is signed (all paid and signed digitally #savethetrees) we can get this party started! 

Once booked, I will get a goodie box sent to you via mail, who doesn't love getting a good box in the mail?? In your box you will find some fun items plus my amazing 80 page magazine style WEDDING GUIDE. This guide goes through every step during your engagement and wedding photography experience, it even has a section on bridal boudoir, if you decide to add that on. Everything from picking outfits for your engagement session, which season and even time, to your weddings prep details and how to best prepare your groom for all these photos, plus so much more. Seriously, it has everything that may concern engagement or wedding photography. You don't want to plan your wedding without it. 

engagement session


The engagement session is one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. During your engagement session, we really get to know each other! Because we're gonna hang out for a couple of hours and that is plenty of time for us to chat, laugh and have a good time. We will talk before your session so we can figure out what locations would work best for you, how many locations and what outfits would work best. We can even incorporate props like cars or dogs or anything that is close to your heart!

This is also great prep for your wedding day! You get to learn all of the core poses, so that you guys are pros when it comes to your wedding day. And don't worry, if you aren't comfortable in front of the camera or don''t know how to pose, you are in good hands. I don't expect you to know how to pose, that is my job! I will guide you through the whole process.


Ohhhh gurl. This is fu. My boudoir sessions take place in my studio. It is located on my property in north Wichita. First you get my additional boudoir guide, that goes through fun props to bring, outfit choices and all things feminine. Then we schedule a professional hair and makeup appointment for you, so you can get all kinds of pampered. Or you can use your own wedding stylists and maybe use their included trail for your boudoir session. 

Once you are in my studio, I will serve some bubbly and we will talk about which outfits are your favorite and get started with simple poses. I will start with a few easy poses, show you how amazing you look on the back of my camera, and you will be stunned how beautiful and easy it is. You totally got this.

After your session, we can put together a boudoir album for a grooms gift! Trust me, he is going to loooove it.


bridal boudoir



wedding prep

About a month before your wedding date, we will meet up or schedule a zoom meeting again, to chat about all things wedding! Hopefully at this point, you have read through my bridal guide and you have most of your wedding plans pretty solid. We will go through timelines, family groups, what specific things you want captured. I will help determine when everyone should be dressed, when the optimal time is do sunset photos and all the other important photography moments. 

After this meeting, most brides feel very confident in their plans and timelines.


wedding day

Day is finally here and you finally get to enjoy all of the planning and work you have done. And that is pretty much it,  you enjoy the day. We have talked about everything you will  need to do, what I need to do and everything in between. Everything is prepped and ready to go.

You will receive a sneak peek of your photos within 48 hours of your wedding day and then the final huge, beautiful gallery a few weeks after that. After receiving your gallery, you can order prints, order an album and share your beautiful wedding with the world!

Now, it is up to you whether or not you are going to send the first message! Scroll down to get to my contact form, I am already excited to hear from you!

Talk soon!


This is an unpaid internship for experience.
What?? Unpaid? How is that fair?
I will explain!
In this internship, you get to shadow me, join me in a work day, watch me cull, edit, run advertisements, learn all the ins and out of my business. You will learn invaluable information that you will be able to use in your own business for years and years. You will get a first hand experience in every type of session that I photograph. 

I will teach you everything I know. E V E R Y T H I N G. Nothing goes left untaught. I will give you a crash course on your camera equipment, settings, flash, client interactions, vendor interactions, client experience, the booking process, scheduling, and editing. If you are looking for a fast-pass into the photography portrait business, this is it!

Due to the high volume and high density of information I will be providing, I ask to commit to 8 hours of work per week in return. So what this will look like is if you shadow me for a session and then pick my brain afterward and watch me edit in turn for an 8 hour work day. This work day can involve culling, blogging, organizing, helping me setup mini sessions, helping me with mini session day organization, ect. Honestly, more hands on experience.

This is internship is best for passionate beginner photographers. I only take on one intern at a time, so I can fully focus on you!


Are you already established, but want to see how I run my business?
Do you blank out when going to a next pose in a session?
Do you want to see my post processing techniques?
Need help with client interactions? 
Care to hang behind the scenes and take it all in?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, this may be for you. 

I have two options for my shadowing mentorships.


Shadow and Coffee | $250
This includes a shadow of the session and Q/A after the session. No photos of the clients are allowed. For these, I ask that you try and be a fly on the wall. You can observe, and look over my shoulder. You can choose the type of session you want to follow along to, and then we will sit down afterwards and walk through editing while you pick my brain. You might even get to snuggle my cats back at the studio! 

All Inclusive Shadow | $550
This package includes a full day "ride along". This package is best booked for those who want to get into weddings. You can come along to a full day wedding with me, take photos, and use all of the images in your portfolio. For this package, I do not collect the images at the end of the day as I would with a second shooter, and the full copyright sits with you. This is specifically built so you can show up, watch, learn, and take your own photos at a real wedding with no pressure. If you choose to shadow a wedding, Q/A is done the following day. If a different type of session, then you would get my typical work day and setting up for the session, if this is in studio, you get to see my lighting and backdrop setup and then the session with a Q&A to follow.

Feel comfortable taking photos and editing but want to talk more business? This may be better for you.
You can ask me whatever questions you would like. What business software I use, my workflow, how I schedule, how I plan, anything you want. This can be a one time sit-down or a 6-month lifeline

Photography q+A

One time Q/A and Coffee | $75
We can meet at my studio, sit down, have coffee and you can ask me whatever questions would like. Business, software, workflow, planning, organization, ect. This does not include a shadow or any computer work. I can give you recommendations, advice or anything you would like to pick my brain about.

Mentor Club | $250 per month
You have access to me for one month or as long as you are in the Club. You can call me, text me, beep me, anytime you want to reach me. I may just text you back in the morning if you text me at midnight :)

Mentor Club includes one sit down per month to chat, ask additional questions and to check in.

Have a client ask you something crazy and don't know how to respond. Got you.
Stuck on an edit and don't know how to fix it? Let me see it.
Want me to look at a gallery? Sure thing.
Want me to look at your website? Send that link over.
Have a session coming up and want location ideas? Here you go.
Have a weird session coming and want my advice on how to approach it? Let's tackle it.

I'll be someone to talk to about problems you are running into and a person who can give you seasoned advice on how to approach those problems.

So what are you waiting for? Come and hang out with me!

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