Best season to pick for your wedding date in Kansas

You get engaged, everyone is super excited for you and you show off your new shiny ring to everyone who is interested. And then the big question.

Have you picked a wedding date yet?

And so it begins. The first wedding planning decision you make as a newly engaged couple, the date of your wedding.

Choosing a date can be overwhelming. First, it needs to be far enough out that you have time to plan it all. Second, are there any big life changes happening in your life at the same time? If so, you want to avoid putting them next to each other. And third, what do you want your wedding to look/feel like? That can largely depend on the season!

If you have lived in Kansas for any amount of time, you know that the seasons here are like rollercoasters. You are up and down very quickly, and each season has its own pros and cons. I have photographed in every season, every month of the Kansas weather, and I know a thing or two about how each season affects a wedding! 

So let’s chat about the best season to pick for your wedding date in Kansas!


December – February

Probably one of the least common seasons for brides to book their wedding in for some obvious reasons. But did you know there are some very big positives to booking your wedding in Winter?

  1. It is cheaper.
    Many venues have a discount during the winter months because it is isn’t the busy season. Your venue is often one of your biggest expenses, so you can save quite a bit of money!
  2. More availability.
    If you have specific vendors in mind, you will have an easier time booking them because their availability is much more open in the winter!
  3. Snow.
    Some probably see this as a con, but if you don’t envision beautiful snow photos during your wedding, then you aren’t dreaming big enough. Snow wedding photos are absolutely stunning!
  4. Your honeymoon will be great!
    Going to the tropics is the best during the winter! You get to leave the cold days behind for a little bit and truly enjoy yourself on a warm beach!
  1. The obvious one, it’s cold.
    Weather is unpredictable. It could be abnormally warm or most likely a freezing windy day that is miserable. Which makes getting beautiful outdoor photos a bit uncomfortable because you don’t want to be out there longer than you have to.
  2. Traveling can be hazardous.
    Traveling during the winter months can be completely fine, or if we get a snowy or icy day, roads can be in terrible condition and flights could be cancelled. Which can affect how many guests decide to come the day of.


March – May

Spring is probably one of the most popular seasons for brides to pick for wedding dates. But this may come as a surprise that it is not my favorite! Mostly because Kansas’s spring is so unpredictable.

  1. Blossoms
    My favorite part of the spring months is all of the bloom trees and flowers. Makes for gorgeous photos if you can find a blooming tree. Also, all of the greens are still soft which makes for lovely light and airy photos!
  2. Temperature
    Probably the best thing about spring is that it is warming up and it super nice to be outside! You won’t be freezing or sweating.
  1. Weather is unpredictable.
    While the temperatures are nice, actual storms and the weather is super unpredictable. We are in tornado season, so a thunderstorm burst, a late snow, flash flood or tornado is very much a reality. I have experienced all of those during a wedding, except for the tornado, thank goodness. But know that a thunderstorm on a spring wedding day is very likely!
  2. Very busy.
    Most of your wedding vendors is already booked way ahead for the spring season. So getting a vendor booked becomes difficult! Also, spring is just a busy time of year in general. You have graduations, end of the school year, holiday weekends that all make it hard to pick an open weekend.
  3. You don’t know when spring will start.
    You know when spring is suppose to start, around March or April. But the timing of when things actually start blooming and turning green varies from year to year. It could be late March one year then early May the next year. There is no way of telling! If you plan for too early, your photos will look more like winter than spring. Plan too late and you will have a sweltering day, instead of a spring day.


June – August

Summer is my favorite season for personal reasons. We go laking, boating, camping and have a ton of outdoor gatherings. But is it a great season to book your wedding in? I guess it really depends on how you react to the summer heat!

  1. The outdoors is gorgeous.
    Everything is green, lush and beautiful. If you want stunning outdoor photos with lots of color and vibrancy, summer is a great season! You can have both your ceremony and reception indoors and just take your photos outside!
  2. Weather is more predictable.
    Sure, it is hot. But you can count on that. You have a much lower chance of getting rained out in the summer. Which also means that traveling won’t get affected.
  1. The obvious one, it is hotter than H-E-double hockey sticks out there.
    Plan your portraits out carefully, you don’t want to spend more time out there than you have to. Guys will very quickly start sweating through their suits and ladies will start fretting about their makeup melting and fixing their curls that are falling out. The heat gets rough for anyone in formal wear.
  2. It’s harvest season.
    Probably not a big deal to many people, but we are in Kansas and if you know farmers, they are busting their butts out there and probably won’t make it.


September – November

Last but not lea… Actually, I did leave the best last. Fall is my favorite season for weddings! I actually got married on the day of September and we just had the most perfect day ever!

  1. The weather is perfect.
    Sure, it may still be a bit hot in September and maybe a bit too cold in November. But if you can hit that sweet spot in October, it is perfect! Weather is more predictable and you are less likely to have a rain cloud over day.
  2. The colors.
    The fall colors are just gorgeous in late fall, really makes for the most perfect photos.
  1. Wedding vendors book out fast.
    Fall is the busiest time for photographers and vendors. So if you are booking vendors you want to reach out to them waaaay ahead of time. At least a year to year and a half.
  2. Honeymoon.
    If you are heading south to the tropics, you will be entering the rainy season. Not a big deal breaker, but you can expect rain at least every day on your honeymoon. But it only last for a few minutes 🙂

And that is it! Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

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