Madison’s Senior Photos

When Madison’s mom reached out to me to get Madison’s senior photos scheduled, I knew immediately that I wanted to use Bramble’s Edge’s zinnia field for at least one of her locations for Madison’s senior photos.

The day of her session came and knowing that it is August, I didn’t worry about the weather. I normally only double and triple check weather in the spring, since it is so much more unpredictable. August is my easy month for predictable weather. But I was wrong!

There was a thunderstorm that popped up right at the same time we were supposed to start Madison’s senior photos. When I realized we were going to get rained out, we changed direction, because I knew she was already in hair and makeup, I didn’t want to waste a good styling. So I called Bramble’s Edge to see what the weather was doing down there, and it looked like we were in the clear.

We ended up starting about 2 hours later than originally planned, but we got some amazing photos at the field with the beautiful light that the storm created. We were also able to head back into Wichita to hit up her second location, down by the river. For her third location, we had to reschedule to a later day, as we ran out of sunlight. But it was so totally worth it!

Madison also killed it with her outfit choices. All the way from a beautiful country and floral look, to a cool modern and feminine look to a fun and edgy look. I really loved all of it!

I have so many favorites from Madison’s senior photos, but I do think that Zinnia field is my favorite. What is yours?

Interested in booking your own senior photos? I would love to chat with you! Contact me ASAP to a get spot still for 2021!

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