Glitter Minis

If there has been one type of mini session where I have every single person leave smiling from ear to ear, it has been these glitter minis. Even if they came in nervous, they are resistant to leave after their 15 min glitter mini session.

I was actually a bit nervous about these glitter minis, it was my first time setting this up for a mini and I didn’t know how it would go exactly. Would it get in people’s eyes? Would little ones eat it? And the big question, how long is it going to take me to clean up the beautiful disaster afterward? Turns out all of my fears didn’t come true. I think there was one person who may have got a speck in their eye, nobody ate it, except it did get on some lip gloss, and cleaning it was not nearly as impossible as I thought it would be.

All in all, I LOVED these glitter minis and am excited to do it again! It was not only great for little girls, but teenagers and adults as well. Turns out that girls of all ages love glitter, tiaras and tutus! I provided a lot of the props, so you really could just show up and throw on a tutu and crown and you were good to go!

I am already planning another glitter mini for August or September, but I think I may change up the color! Comment below on what you would love!

  • Pink with multi-color confetti!
  • Blue with silver glitter!
  • White with gold glitter!
  • Green with gold glitter!
  • Black with silver glitter!
  • Add your own in the comments!

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Please enjoy some of my favorites! I loved these so much!

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