Savannah and Nick | Engaged

The crazy arctic weather warmed up just in time for Savannah and Nick’s engagement photos. I was so afraid that we’d have to reschedule to another weekend which would have been not ideal, since their wedding is in like 3 weeks! Luckily we were able to capture their engagement photos on this gorgeous weekend. Did I just call a normal winter day gorgeous? Yes, yes I did. Because anything is better than the arctic weather we had before! Even normal 40-degree weather.

The first location for their engagement session was at the fountain at Bradley Fair, I was kinda hoping that the fountain would still be a frozen sculpture, but everything was melting. But there was enough snow to still make some really pretty photos.

We then headed over to Great Plains Nature Center to finish up the engagement session. We saw deer on the ice, out in the field and between some trees. They were everywhere and I was able to get them on camera for a few of their shots!

Check out a highlight of their session below!

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