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Venues have a huge impact on how your photos will come out. I had this idea to make a list of all the Wichita wedding venues I have been to, thinking, oh this won’t be hard. There’s not THAT many venues. Boy, was I wrong. I have been to MANY venues. Which makes it ever harder for a bride to choose from when there so many to look at. So I kept going with my idea to make this list. I will probably add to it everytime I shoot at a new venue, but for now, here it is! I had to go waaay back to some older weddings for each of these, so there are some oldies, but goodies in here. Because some are so old, I don’t have blog posts for every venue. But I will link to the ones that I do have them for!

Now I do have favorite venues, I love outdoor ceremonies, venues with lots of natural light. Lots of windows and neutral walls. But I tried to unbiased in these, as not every bride has the same style as me! These are not in alphabetical order but in order of theme. Countryside or Rustic, downtown/oldtown, Classy and Churches.

Countryside and Rustic Wedding Venues

These are beautiful locations just on the outside of the city. They are normally rustic, but not all, but have beautiful areas surround them for great photos. Open fields, vineyards, gardens and barns can all be found on this list. Some may be a drive, but if it is within an hour of Wichita, I name it one of Wichita wedding venues.

Rustic Timbers

I have been to Rustic Timbers a couple of times and love their venue! They have a beautiful ceremony area outdoors in a cozy woodsy area. Their getting ready suite for the bride is also very nice and roomy. Then they have a large open area indoors for receptions and can be converted to a ceremony area if it is raining outside. Which happpened to one of my brides while there! And it all worked out beautifully. Beautiful, woodsy area for photos.

JM Collingwood Barn

This barn is the largest in Kansas! You will have plenty of space both inside and outside. They have a pretty ceremony site outdoors, but also can decorated the room upstairs as well. The upstairs has so much space, you won’t have any problem with a large wedding guest. Gorgeous place out in the country for some really pretty photos. Check out my blog post with this venue!

JM Collingwood

The Cottage Venue

This gorgeous house in the country has been converted into a venue and it is beautiful! It’s perfect for smaller weddings and for that country look and feel. Take a peek at this blog post featuring this venue!

The Roundbarn

When they say Roundbarn, they mean it. This is a unique barn that is over 100 years old. They offer both multiple indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions. Check out a blog post where I photographed at this cool venue!

Cardinal Creek Farm

Cardinal Creek Farm is probably one of my favorites! It is a bit out in the boonies, but so worth it! Their indoor area has endless amount of windows to let in so much natural light, which I love. They have a gorgeous bridal suite and just a stunning country landscape right outside. I loved photographing here! Check out Jordan and Devin’s wedding at this venue!

Grace Hill Winery

I have a special place in my heart of Grace Hill. I have been here for so many other occasions besides weddings. But this venue is a perfect place to have a wedding at. Beautiful indoor space for receptions and then you not only get the gorgeous vineyard outside, but they have just a very cozy country feel with other farmlike elements. Definitely love shooting here, check out my blog post featuring a wedding there!

Prairie Pines

You know Field of Screams? Well, same place, except think more dreamy and beautiful. Prairie Pines is perfect for a small wedding. They have a super cute barn and then this gorgeous intimate little haven in the back. Old stone bridges and a beautiful pond. Are you getting married here? Let me know, because I want to photograph there again!

Prairie Hill Vineyard

Another beautiful vineyard, but out west from Wichita. Gorgeous venue for outdoor weddings. I have not seen an indoor wedding here, but they do provide a very large tent they keep up for inclement weather. I have also seen people dance in the rain! They have roomy bridal and groom suites and just gorgeous areas all the way around that venue. Love photographing here.

Wyldewood Cellars

One of my first weddings I photographed in Wichita! Beautiful winery south of Wichita, right by the Kansas Star Casino. Great for smaller events. Really if you are getting married at a vineyard, you will have gorgeous backgrounds for your photos. Guaranteed.

Applejack Pumpkin Patch

This is another of my all-time favorite Wichita wedding venues. It is just beautiful inside with so much natural light just streaming in. Both the bridal suite and the indoor/reception space is stunning. Outside you can find beautiful country elements, fields of sunflowers or pumpkins, depending on the season. Loved photographing here!

Pinecrest Country Place

This wedding venue is out southeast of Wichita. Another gorgeous country location. They have a large covered area for receptions. Still outside, but you are covered from rain! Beautiful backdrop for photographs, open fields, lots of trees and other cool items that make this a great wedding venue.

Redbud Party Barn

One of Wichita wedding venues that is also out in the boonies a bit. If you are looking for cozy venue, tucked into a valley of the flint hills, you have found it. Beautiful tree and wood covered venue. Access to a pond and fields for a variety of images.

Downtown/Old Town Venues

These venues can all be found in the heart of the city. Right in the downtown, Old town and Riverside areas. These can give you a very modern and urban look.

Wichita Boathouse

I love photographing at the Boathouse. Not only for weddings, but other sessions too. That white building with the white rails and pillars makes my little photographer heart sing! They have a large upstairs area that can used for both ceremonies and receptions. This venue is also on the river! So you get plenty of cool downtown river shots!

Distillery 244

If you want a brick and oldtown background to your wedding, you have found it. This Wichita Wedding venue is perfect for that urban downtown look. They have a large space inside that can be converted to anything you want. Great thing about this location is that it is so close to so many cool oldtown locations.

Petroleum Club of Wichita

Classic is what comes to mind when I think of this wedding venue. You are up on the 9th floor with a stunning view of the city. Place is gorgeous and then you can go downstairs to take photos in the atrium or go out in the city. So many choices! Peek at this wedding at the Petroleum club here!

Exploration Place

Modern and classic is what comes to mind with Exploration Place. They have this super cute, all window spot inside that is separate from any public spaces. Makes for the most beautiful wedding ceremony spot! You are also right by the Keeper! So the options for photo backdrops is endless!

Crown Uptown

Also one of my first weddings in Wichita! If you are a theatre kid or just love the theatre, this could be a great venue for you! The inside has that old castle-like feel, but then you have the whole of Douglas outside for some really cool photo options.

Classic Venues

I wanted a list that also included beautiful Wichita wedding venues that aren’t rustic or urban. These are just beautiful, classic venues. You can make just about any look fit with these venues, most have options for both indoor or outdoor ceremonies.

Botanica Gardens

I don’t think I need to explain Botanica. If you haven’t been there, just go. It’s beautiful all year round. A Wichita wedding venue filled with gardens and flowers. What more could you want?

Hereford House

This country club is so grand and classy. The architecture makes it a super unique Wichita wedding venue. Beautiful both in summer and winter. Beautiful indoors and out. You can find a blog post here about this venue!

Madison Avenue Central Park

One of Derby’s wedding venues! This park has a gorgeous all glass building, that makes my heart so happy! More natural light the better. It also has an additional building for the reception and getting ready area. So much space and so pretty all the way around.

The Point Events Center

This wedding venue is technically in Augusta, but I consider it one of Wichita’s wedding venues because so many of my brides have gotten married there! It really is a great spot for both ceremony and reception. Has one of the best bridal suites I have ever seen and is right by a lake. So pretty!

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

If you want a truly unique venue, Tanganyika may be right up your alley. You get close up experiences with wild animals and all of that get’s captured on camera! Not only do they have wild animals but their park is pretty stunning too. Can’t go wrong!

Rolling Hills Country Club

Country clubs make for really good wedding venues. Rolling hills is right in Wichita, so you don’t have to go far at all. Beautiful getting ready areas and stunning scenery outside.

Homewood Suites

I have seen this hotel being used as a full wedding location and also just for getting ready and getting portraits done. They have a beautiful patio in back with a gazebo that is perfect for portraits and ceremonies.

Dyck Arboretum of the Plains

I think this was my absolute first wedding in the Wichita area. This Arboretum is GORGEOUS. Definitely for small guest lists, but if you are wanting an intimate ceremony outdoors with stunning scenery, please book here and book me. I want to go back!

Park Villa – North Riverside park

This Wichita park in the middle of the city is overlooked. It is beautiful and perfect for small weddings. You will probably want to get ready at other locations. But this place is perfect for outdoor events.

Eberly Farm

This Wichita wedding venue is just on the perimeter of Wichita on the west side. Gorgeous farm like look and feel. Lots of trees and some other cool elements like bridges. They have a beautiful patio and indoor space.


This list compiles my favorite, well-lit churches that I have photographed in. I love photographing in churches and we have some GORGEOUS churches in Wichita, but the more light the better!

Central Community Church

I really love this sanctuary. One of my favorite churches for photography. It is so filled with light and has some gorgeous scenes right outside too. Check out this beautiful wedding that took place here.

Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit

Another gorgeous light filled sanctuary. I am telling you, if there is natural light streaming in. I am in love.

St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

This church has recently been remodeled. So I am not sure what it looks like currently, but if it’s anything like it was before. I know it will be gorgeous.

Catholic Church of the Resurrection

This sanctuary doesn’t have a ton of light, but does have some. What I like the most about this church for weddings is that it has space around the altar, so I can get some unique shots!

Is there one I missed or a category you would like me to create? I know there are so many Wichita wedding venues! Let me know in the comments!

Are you an Wichita Wedding venue owner? Send me a message!

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