Hughes at the Keeper of the Plains

Mom at the Keeper

One of the reasons why I love having the option of a gift certificate is because it puts me in touch with families that I may never have gotten a chance to meet! Misty reached out to me saying that her friends had bought a gift certificate for them for Christmas! They are a young family and from what I was told, they hadn’t had a chance to get new family photos in a long time! And their family is so stinking cute.

They aren’t originally from Kansas, hailing from Colorado, so they wanted to do a photo session that represented Kansas and Wichita. What better place to do that than the Keeper of the Plains. We had a gorgeous evening to take photos and got to capture all of their adorable personalities.

I don’t normally love taking family photos in January, just because everything looks fairly dull. But the sun was out, and I just love all of those creamy backgrounds that the dried-out grass gives.

Thank you to Rachel, who sent them my way via a gift certificate! Check out a sample of their gallery below!

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