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Engagement Session

I took Jamie and Jay’s proposal photos, and I couldn’t wait to do their engagement photos. Since I took their photos, I have also been asked to be Jamie’s maid of honor. I am soooo excited. We attended the bridal show this weekend and it made me realize I needed to post their engagement photos, because I freaking loved them so much. There are a lot of photos in this post. Sorry, not sorry.

It has been so much fun helping Jamie with dress shopping, booking vendors and looking at inspiration on Pinterest. I am not doing their wedding photography, mostly because I want to enjoy the day with them. I am also so excited to help plan a wedding that isn’t my own, I have some experience with vendors and know how the planning process goes, so it feels good to put my knowledge to a good cause.

We took the first part of their photos at Bradley Fair. The light was so heavenly and the colors to bright. My favorites from that location are the steps and in front of the fountain. They are just so stinking cute.

The second location was in my backyard! It’s funny how my favorite photos always end up being in my yard. I think it’s because we are on private property, and we aren’t being watching or being in the way of other people. Just makes it easy to relax and have fun. My absolutely favorite shot is the close ups at the end. Just love them.

Enjoy their super cute engagement photos, and let me know of your favorites. Because your favorites are usually different than mine!

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