Adara + Steve | Engaged

Engagement Photos

I am going to try to get better at blogging fuller galleries on here. I feel like it gives a better idea of how their session went, the kind of photos they get and just the overall experience.

We started Adara and Steven’s engagement session down by the Keeper. It was very hot, I sweated a lot. We got some beautiful sunlit, glowy images there. They got to warm up in front of the camera. I think my favorite photos from that location are the ones on the bridge. I just love them.

The second location was actually in my backyard! We have some open field with lots of tall grass (swoon), I just love tall grass fields. They make for the best sunset photos, in my opinion. And that is exactly what we got, the most spectacular sunset photos. It was so beautiful, makes me want to do more photos in the backyard for sure!

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