Bright and Airy Boudoir

This is one of my first boudoir sessions, I believe maybe my 3rd of 4th one? Absolutely loved how it turned out. One reason I made my studio all white is to get these super bright and white sessions. You pop off of the screen and it reflects so much light. Do you know what all the light reflection does for you? It fills in all the shadows and creases on your face and body. So all of those wrinkles and dark areas, it brightens up and fills in with pure white light, so you just look like you are glowing! And who doesn’t want that?

Let me know what you think!

Location: My studio
Hair and Makeup: Grace Young

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  1. Emily Templeton says:

    I am wanting to make a boudoir book for my fiancé as a wedding gift. I was wondering how much you charge just for an hour shoot, if I need to provide my own outfits, and if you provide the books for me. I appreciate any information you can give me!

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