What to expect from your boudoir session.

Boudoir Photos

So you want to schedule a session, but are unsure. You see fabulous photos of women looking amazing, and you are not sure you will come across that stunning.

Well let me help you with that.

You will look absolutely gorgeous.


What to expect from your session and from me.

I like to schedule boudoir sessions in the morning for a couple of reasons. One, you are fresh from sleeping and you haven’t had a chance to eat or drink too many salty foods. If you are anything like me, I feel much more bloated later during the day.

I highly recommend letting me schedule a hair/make-up artist to come out before your session starts to get you all dolled up. This makes a world of difference on camera, and you will also feel so much more confident and secure in how you look. And confidence is everything!

When you arrive, I will get you seated and going with hair and make-up and I will pour some mimosas (if you like mimosas) to get some conversation going, it helps break the ice a bit and heck, it’s just fun. I love mimosas.

Once hair and makeup is done, we will go through your outfits and you can point out your must-haves, your favorites, and ones you are really excited about. We’ll decide on what to start with and how we switch them out after. I’ll ask you what are things you may feel insecure about, things you don’t want me to focus on and things you really want to flaunt. I want to make sure feel super comfortable and know that I am only here to make you feel gorgeous and flawless.

And then we get started! We’ll start with some easy, comfy poses. I’ll show you a few screens on the back of my camera to help you realize that you really do look stunning. After that, you will be having so much fun and time is going to fly.

These sessions are so much fun for me. It’s amazing to see women going from shy and feeling awkward at the beginning, to seeing them progress to absolutely glowing and knowing that they look amazing. It’s an amazing feeling know that I am helping women feel empowered and feel amazing in their own skin. It’s such a simple thing, but more, if not all, women should have the chance to feel like that.

“Jeanize did a fabulous job! I wasn’t too sure what to expect, and even though I was excited, I was also pretty nervous because I’d never done anything like this before. Jeanize checked in a few times before the session with some suggestions and recommendations on what to wear, what to bring, and even set up someone to do my hair beforehand. During the session, she did a great job making me feel relaxed and confident, and made the entire session a lot of fun. She gave my awkward self some fantastic guidance and made sure to capture all my best angles. I couldn’t be happier with how the session went or how the photos turned out! These are a surprise for my fiance, so he hasn’t seen them yet but I’m POSITIVE he’s going to love them as much as I do.”  -T.

I do my boudoir sessions in my studio, which is located on my property. It’s a quaint little cabin that is absolutely perfect (I may be biased) with large windows that lets in tons of streaming natural light. It is secluded in the trees, with enough privacy we could even do some outside if you are adventurous!

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you are ready to book!

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