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Engagement Photo

Your engagement session suppose to be FUN! These are the pictures should be stress and pressure free. You won’t be in a $1,000 dress that can’t get dirty and you won’t be crunched for time. Engagement photos is your chance to get to know me, you will see how I work, how I pose and instruct you and you will learn how to have FUN in front of the camera.​


I recommend bringing two outfits, one casual and one a bit dressier. The best advice I can give on outfit selections is to try COORDINATE instead of trying to match outfits. Bold jewelry, scarves and colored shoes photograph really well. Don’t wear tiny prints, they won’t show up and they actually will create a weird illusion on the camera.


Engagement photos are usually one of the first photos you and your fiancé will be taking together, so I don’t expect you to be a pro at posing together. It usually takes about 20 minutes for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera and warm up. I may ask you guys to do some silly things to get a natural laugh and expressions out of you, but it will be worth it! At the end of it, you will be having so much fun that you can’t wait to see the images.


I am a natural light photographer, so time is very important! The best time to shoot for me is about 2 hours before sunset. I have some favorite locations that I am always willing to recommend, but I love shooting engagements in locations that mean something to my couples! But if you want to see my list, just send me a message! I am happy to share them with my clients. If you have any ideas of locations, I want to hear them! I love shooting on a private family property or any place that may hold special meaning for you. This could be the location where you got engaged, a favorite cafe or bar. It could be anywhere!


Your engagement photos are also a great way to do a trial run on your hair and makeup. You by no means have to do this, but it would show you what your hair and makeup would look like on camera. Plus it is fun! If your wedding makeup artist isn’t available, I can also schedule a time to get your hair and makeup done in my studio before we start the session. Just let me know, and we can get you all dolled up! Who doesn’t like getting all dressed up? If you are doing your own makeup, you can apply your eye make up just a little heavier than normal for photos. Last, but not least, I will also be taking a close up of your beautiful new ring! A cleaning really makes that pretty rock SPARKLE!


So this type of session is probably not your fiance has in mind when you tell him you are getting photos done. He is expecting to show up, get some smiling photos, show off the ring and be done. He is not going to expect me to tell him to put his nose on yours, nuzzle the side of your face or laugh. Prepare him by showing a couple of favorites of my previous engagement session photos, so that he knows what to expect.

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