In my Rockstar Era Minis

I’ve been following Taylor Swift since the beginning, and love everything she touches. So when I found this backdrop for the studio, I knew I had to make my swifty rockstar era mini photography dreams come true. So if you are a swifty, please keep on reading about my Rockstar Era Minis.

I knew I had to find a fellow swifty to model for these, and I know quite a few swifties, but Molly has been to an Era’s show and knows almost all of the songs by heart. She also just rocked her session, helped me with iconic poses and really belted some songs.

If you are looking to really capture your Rockstar Era, book this mini. We’ll have so much fun, promise. These are not just for kids, if you went to the show and had a killer outfit, this is where it can shine again!

Book your Rockstar Era Minis here.

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