Confetti Minis

Hey glitter enthusiasts and photo lovers, buckle up because we’re back with the 2024 Annual Glitter Photo Mini Sessions, and this one’s gonna be the most colorful yet! Can you believe it’s been four years of glitter-filled fun? This year, however, I am changing up the glitter mini for colorful confetti minis instead.

Confetti that Pops and Tulle that Twirls

What’s a confetti minis party without a bit of flair? As usual, I am not just stopping at confetti – I’ve got tiaras fit for royalty and tulle dresses that’s ready to twirl! Imagine yourself decked out in a tiara, wrapped in layers of tulle, surrounded by a confetti storm – that’s the kind of magic we’re cooking up.

Snapshots of Pure Celebration

I am not just capturing photos; we’re freezing moments of pure celebration. Laughter, joy, and spontaneous twirls – my lens is ready to capture it all. That is the one thing I love so much about these sessions, the girls absolutely LOVE IT.

Your Ideas, my Canvas

Bring your wildest ideas, your favorite tiaras, and that tulle skirt you’ve been saving for a special occasion. I want this session to reflect you – your personality, your style, and your love for all things confetti!

What’s New This Year?

As I mentioned before, it will be a confetti mini instead of glitter and it will be on a white seamless background. Which gives you a ton of options for colors to wear!

Grab Your Tiara and Let’s Do This!

The demand for my glitter sessions is crazier than a confetti explosion, so don’t snooze on this. Grab your tiara, dust off that dress, and let’s make some magic. Early birds get the spots, so book your spot and get ready to sparkle like never before!

In the spirit of tiaras, tulle, and tons of confetti, let’s make the 2024 Annual Glitter Photo Mini Sessions the most dazzling one yet. See you in the confetti storm! Book your session here!

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