5-Year Milestone Session

When Jessica reached out to me for her daughter’s 5-year milestone photos, she said she wanted to feature Haisley’s new roller skates she got for Christmas. I knew that I had THE perfect look for this. I wanted to make this 5-year milestone session into a 5-year Ferris wheel and cotton candy milestone session. When I asked Jessica if she was prepared to go over the top with this look and assured me that Haisley was all about going over the top.

5-Year Ferris Wheel and Cotton Candy Milestone Session? I knew this was going to look so good! Haisley also brought her super cute pink sunglasses, retro shiny shorts, and an epic hair bow to finish off her look.

This whole setup was actually super simple and easy. The backdrop and the props and the outfit is what made this all come together. Props included a huge golden 5 balloon, roller skates, a small bench, a cotton candy smash cake, colorful cotton candy and some glitter and confetti at the end.

I love five-year-old milestone sessions because we aren’t as limited to poses. Five year olds can jump, dance, make funny faces, hold things, roller skate, ect. It makes a milestone session so much more fun especially when they are so excited about the look and vibe of the session. We had so much photographing this.

There have been quite a few people asking me about where I got the cotton candy and the answer is Etsy! You can find the shop here. Want to book your own milestone session? Message me here!

Happy 5th birthday, Haisley!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Jean! I love this session so much!

    I’m a photographer and would like to do something similar for my daughter’s 9th birthday. I love the backdrop. Are you able to share where you got it from?

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