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You might see these photos and think, “Wait, didn’t I see their wedding photos earlier this year?” You would be right! Naomi and Jordy’s original Airbnb Wedding in Kansas was in August, but their small, intimate wedding got hit with covid and they were forced to change their plans. They went ahead with an even smaller ceremony in August to get the paperwork official but still wanted to do the wedding they were planning later on. So on November 4th, they finally had the Airbnb Wedding in Kansas they planned in August.

Naomi and Jordy’s wedding really was just so beautiful. It was still a small intimate wedding and they had the most beautiful details. I absolutely love this combo. Their colors were just gorgeous, table decor were just spot on and Naomi’s bridal details were so unique and coordinated with everything else. I just love photographing these intimate weddings. I have more time to photograph these details and you have more time to focus on each other.

They chose this super cute barn dominium Airbnb to have their ceremony at, which was just perfect for their style. It was out in the country, so we had the beautiful Kansas horizon and fields surrounding us. In a typical Kansas fashion though, it was absolutely freezing that day with the threat of rain all day. Naomi was determined to have her beautiful outdoor ceremony and luckily had a brother-in-law who was a weather forecaster. They were able to find a break in the weather and had the ceremony they had dreamed about. You can’t really tell in the photos, but it is probably 30 degrees with a terrible piercing wind. I am not sure how Naomi stood there without shaking. But the photos did turn out great! Since it was super cloudy, we had wonderful diffused light.

Right after the ceremony, we were able to get all their bride and groom portraits done just before the rain started. Which meant everything else had to happen indoors. I don’t think they minded though, everyone was very happy to stay inside where it was warm and cozy.

Congratulations Naomi and Jordy! I am so happy you finally got your wedding day!

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Airbnb 3105 East Greenfield Road, Hutchinson Kansas

Wedding dress: Dress Gallery

Officiant: Anne Dewvall

Makeup Artist: Koryn Wirth

Hair Stylist: Alyssa Davidson with Titanium Salon

Florist: Something Borrowed Blooms

Catering: Olive Garden

Jewelry: Deepa Gurnani

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