Angela and Brian’s Wedding at Rustic Timbers

The road to Angela and Brian’s wedding at Rustic Timbers was not an easy one for them. I don’t know everything that they went through, but I knew that there were several health scares that postponed their engagement session and other sessions. I was honestly worried that they would be up for the sessions that we had scheduled. But every time I met up with them, they were well and determined to capture fantastic photos, so happy and excited for their wedding and just trusted me with all of it. To say that they deserved the best wedding day is an understatement. I am so happy that Angela’s and Brian’s wedding at Rustic Timbers turned out to be everything they had hoped for.

Angela and Brian’s wedding at Rustic Timbers was classic, timeless and just filled with all of their favorite people. My favorite moment I think is right after they kissed at the ceremony. The looks they exchanged with each other as they walked down the aisle is just so filled with love, excitement and happiness that they finally did it! I think it’s one of my favorite photos!

The other favorite? The very last one. Which is filled with sparklers and kisses as they made their exit from the reception. I guess Angela and Brian just know how to make a fabulous exit!

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