Myranda + Charlie’s wedding at Emma Creek Barn

Wedding days nowadays range in simplicity and how over the top you want to go. With Myranda and Charlie’s wedding at Emma Creek Barn, I knew it was going to be on the small, simple and intimate side.

One of the things I didn’t expect to love about their wedding day was Myranda’s dress! I am usually an over-the-top, make that train as long as it will go type of gal, but photographing a shorter dress made my whole day so much easier. I think my back thanked me for it. I didn’t have to be constantly bending over to fluff the dress and making sure it wasn’t being blown away by the wind. I don’t think I realized before how much time that took during a wedding day.

They held their intimate wedding at Emma Creek Barn, which was my first time photographing there. It featured a beautiful 9-year-old barn that they just repainted. A beautiful ceremony area tucked into the trees with a reception space inside the barn. Plenty of room outside for some beautiful photos without a lot of distractions. Emma Creek Barn is located just outside of Hesston!

Venue: Emma Creek Barn
Officiant: Perfect Touch Custom Weddings
Catering: Rent the Chef

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