6 Months Milestone session

When Brody’s mom reached out to book his 6 month photos, she didn’t have a solid idea for the theme or look for his 6 months milestone session. She showed me one image of his outfit. A super adorable orange pant and bow tie. So I knew I had to work with the orange. It was spring, so pumpkin is out, so I went with the next spring orange look. Carrots!

This was so much fun to set up, I loved getting the farmer’s market look with all of the carrots. It was so bright, fresh and perfect for little Brody.

At 6 months of age, little kiddos are normally right at the brink of sitting up by themselves. And my normal trick is to let them lean over and use their own hands to hold themselves up. But Brody’s little orange pants, while super cute, were pretty tight around his chunky little legs. So he couldn’t bend over to hold himself up. We had to resort to other tricks to get him to sit up, which included my new vintage washtub.

Check out Brody’s gallery from his 6 months milestone session! Interested in a milestone session? Check out my information page!

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