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Issues downloading your photos from your gallery? Check out the frequently asked questions below. If these don’t help resolve your issue, please email me at jeanizecilliers@gmail.com.

How do I get rid of the watermark?

The watermark will fall off once you download your photo!

I downloaded the photos on my phone and now I can’t find them.

First, I don’t recommend downloading and saving your photos to your phone. When you download your photos, they sometimes go to your “Documents” or “Files” folders, and not your “Pictures” folder. But I recommend using a computer to download and save your photos.

I clicked “Download All Photos” or downloaded more than one photo at one time and never got an email with the zip file.

You probably misspelled your email address. Make sure your email address is spelled correctly when you enter the gallery. Else images go into an email blackhole when you download your photos.

I did a mini session and want to buy additional photos, how do I do that?

Click on the photo you want to purchase, click “Buy Photo” and then go to “Digital Media”. You can either buy just the one photo, or the whole gallery.

I printed my photos at a local store (Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, ect) and the colors don’t look the same as on my computer.

Stores like that don’t regularly check their ink quality and you can get a variety of colors when you print. I recommend printing within my gallery or going to a more professional print lab.

Can I have a print release with my downloaded photo?

Yes, when you download your photos, you will get a print release with your downloaded image.

I downloaded photos on my iPhone and it won’t show up.

Firstly, I don’t recommend downloading them to your phone, use a computer. There have been reports that the new iPhone update changed the way downloads work — no matter where you’re downloading from. After you click “download” on all the photos you want, you have to click the little downward arrow at the top right of the browser. Then you will need to click the Share button on the bottom left-hand corner and click Save Image. Then you can find them in your camera roll, with the other photos on your phone.

The downloads on the latest iOS for iPhone are a little tricky. They changed the way downloads are done (this is the case for most websites). When they click “download” from websites now, it’ll go to their files and that’s not easy to find.

Instead of choosing “download” tell them to click “view” and then save the image there. They’ll just hold down on the photo to save it. That way it won’t try to save it to your files and it’ll save to your camera roll.


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