5 Reasons to hire a professional hair and makeup artist for your photos

If you are like me, when you have a photoshoot coming up, prepping for the photos is the most overwhelming part. There are outfits, the coordination and then you need to make sure you look great as well. You may be super confident in your hair and makeup skills, or like me, you spend days figuring out what you are going to do and how. No matter which category you fall in, I still believe that getting your hair and makeup done professionally is a great idea.

But I don’t want to look like someone else. You won’t. It’s important that you still feel and look like you in the photos. The professional makeup and hair will highlight your natural beauty, give you an instant camera-ready look, and just a boost of confidence.

1. It’s fun and relaxing

If you aren’t 100% confident in your hair and makeup skills, hiring professionals will help you relax and not stress about what you are going to look like. It will save you time and so much stress of figuring out your look all on your own. Even if you are confident in your skills, a professional has the knowledge of a camera-ready look. What looks best on camera and what finishes to use so your skin doesn’t flash back light if I end up using a flash.

2. Get the look you want

Whether you want a natural and minimal look or maybe a full glam, you get to decide! The professionals will ask you what you looking for, how you want your style to look, what color of lipstick, bright, muted or neutral. They know their stuff! If you have any insecurities about anything, they have the knowledge of how to minimize or conceal.

3. Have a camera-ready look.

Many people don’t know this, but makeup can show up differently on camera than in real life. No makeup at all can have a very washed-out appearance especially with lights and flashes, especially if you are fair-skinned. What you may feel as heavy makeup, photographs very well, because it smooths and minimizes uneven skin, uneven coloring and wrinkles. Makeup artists know what kind of highlighter and finishing powder to use to give you beautiful glow and non-reflective skin when flash is used.

I don’t know how they do it, but they know how to keep hair in place and frizz-free, which saves me a ton of time with retouching.

4. The best you

It goes without saying that you want your finished photos to be flawless. Makeup and hair helps with this tremendously. Even if you want a natural look, it some makeup to make your skin look flawless and smooth, give your eyes an extra pop and make your smile even brighter. Small boosts of color and pop make an extraordinary difference.

5. That extra boost of confidence

I love seeing people’s reactions when they are done. Not only do you feel gorgeous, but you will feel more confident to laugh, smile and just have a great time at your session, because you are confident in your look. I always say you should go out on a date after, because you will just want to! It makes such a difference to start off your photoshoot feeling like you go the little extra boost of confidence – a little hairspray, concealer and some mascara can go a long way.

How to prep your skin and hair

  1. Come with a bare and moisturized face.
  2. Come with clean and dry hair. Wash the morning of, or the evening before, so it is completely dry. Use minimal heating tools (curling or straightening irons) and minimal product.
  3. If you have dyed hair, touchup your regrowth 3 to 5 days before your session.
  4. Keep out of the sun and stay away from fake tanning products. Burns, tanlines and peeling skin are big distraction in images.
  5. Have a lipstick you love? Bring it with you!

Artists in Wichita

Grace Young | Hair and Makeup

Annie Tang | Hair and Makeup

Love is in the Hair | Hair

Larue Artistry | Hair and Makeup

Wildflower Hair and Makeup

Are you a hair or makeup artist and want to be listed? Send me a message!

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