Glitter Minis 2021

So when I did the glitter minis in January for the first time, I really didn’t know how it was going to go. I knew it was going to be a disaster cleaning-wise. But I didn’t know if kids would eat the glitter, get it in their eye or not want to throw it or play with it. All of my fears were proven unnecessary because I found out you can’t go wrong with glitter, tiaras, and tutus. It was a SO much fun. If I had known these glitter minis would be such a blast, I would have been doing them for years.

Putting these girls in a tutu, telling them to pick out a tiara (I have several) and then they can actually THROW the glitter AT me?? It was like all of their girly, fun, sparkly princess dreams were coming true. You could see the pure bliss on their faces.


So I had to do it again.

This time though, I didn’t want to hold back on the girly for the glitter minis. We went with hot pink and more gold glitter with some white confetti thrown in. I was a little worried about how the bright pink would show up for the skin tones, but again, unnecessary fears. My studio has so much white in it, that it reflects so much clean light back into their faces for nice clean skin tones.

Shipley is turning into quite the little model for me. She was focused and followed instructions to a tee. I know her mom, Ashley, was so proud of her. She did amazingly well! She was even able to start doing her signature Shipley giggle on cue. Which is very impressive for a six-year-old. I have a hard time getting adult bridesmaids to do that sometimes!

At the end, we even threw on a bathing suit and threw in some bubbles, because why not? Shipley killed it.

Interested in booking your own glitter mini? They are coming up quickly! Book them here.

Worried about not having an outfit? Again, unnecessary fears. I have both the rainbow tutu and the white dress available. They are size 4-6T.

I also have some of the tutus available from my previous glitter session. You can look at them here!

You can also check out my favorites from all the sessions from the winter glitter minis.

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