Wedding at the Zoo

Amelia and Hayden’s wedding at the zoo really was just perfect. They had a perfect evening, we had some sun, which if you have been in Kansas the last month, you know a sunny day has been hard to find. Because they had their official wedding back in the fall of 2020, this really was just a celebration of their wedding a few months later to invite everyone that they couldn’t in 2020 because of Covid, which worked out so well. We had a very stress-less day back in the fall because there were fewer people and less to worry about. With this fun reception at the zoo, they were able to spend SO much more time having fun, getting a ton more portraits, and just enjoying the night with their friends and family.

This was my first time photographing a wedding at the Sedgwick County Zoo, and I was pretty excited about it. Having worked events and other sessions there before, I knew that there were plenty of gorgeous spots for their wedding portraits. Amelia also brought some beautiful details and instead of a first look, since they already had their wedding, they were able to get ready together! Which is created some pretty sweet moments that I just loved.

We had the run of the zoo since it was after hours and took advantage of it. One of my favorite spots included captured “summer snow” which is just tons of cottonwood fluffs drifting in the background, which just creates this lovely bokeh. I LOVE IT.

If you can’t tell, I couldn’t resist taking some “detail shots” of some of the animals in the areas we were in. Their party happened right by the elephants, so I couldn’t help myself. There may also be some bison, bears and lions.

Since this celebration was focused on their wedding reception, I took A TON of reception dancing shots, and these guys did not disappoint, they partied hard. Check out their dancing and just having a good time shots. Pictures of people dancing with each in an unreserved way just makes me think about how far we have come since last year. These pictures wouldn’t have been happening a year ago, there would be dancing, but not everyone mingling with everyone. It was great.

Check out their highlight gallery and let me know what you think!

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