Ph. D. Photoshoot | Wichita, KS

A Ph. D. photoshoot? Probably one of the coolest photoshoots I have done. Not because of the venue or the dress, or the amazing weather, but because this is such an incredible accomplishment. I can’t imagine the amount of work or time that goes into getting a Ph. D., but Kirsten freaking did it. I was so honored when she emailed me asking if I could do this Ph. D. photoshoot for her. I was almost like getting ready for a wedding ceremony, but instead, it was for a Ph. D. ceremony. It was so much fun pre-gaming with Kirsten, the morning before her ceremony. We had a hair and makeup stylist come out, Annie Tang, who did an absolutely fabulous job. Served a bit of bubbly and chatted while getting ready.

If you have been in Kansas the last month, you know it has been incredibly cloudy and rainy. And that was exactly the type of morning we had. While getting hair and makeup done, it was raining off and on, and we were worried we wouldn’t even make it outside. But luckily we had a small break in the weather, just enough to run outside for a few minutes and get some very pretty shots of Kirsten and her cap and gown. The fence line and the road was all right in front of my house. I love having a studio and then our 5 acres of property covered in foliage. Makes for the perfect place for some indoor and outdoor photos.

We came back inside and I finished up with some detail shots, along with some super sexy boudoir shots. I don’t think there is a better way to pre-game for your Ph. D. ceremony, than professional hair and make up, a session with your cap and gown and then finish it off with some empowering, confidence boosting boudoir photos. Really can’t get better than that.

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Let me know what you think of this Ph. D. photoshoot!

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