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As I am typing this, the sun is shining and it is actually warm! The past few weeks it has been so gloomy, cloudy, wet and rainy. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good rainy day where I can cuddle up and just edit photos all day with a cup of coffee or tea. But man. These week-long stretches of no sun have really gotten to me. It’s supposed to be warm, springy and I am ready for some summer! So I know the bit of warmth and sun we got today isn’t supposed to last, but I am enjoying it anyway, even if it means sweating on the patio while editing these engagement photos.

When I shot Kelsey and Joe’s engagement photos a couple of weeks ago, we actually got some glimpses of sun. I had to dodge clouds and the sun back and forth while shooting, but I loved how their session turned out. Kelsey had requested a country like location for their photos and I was able to find some private property to use! Private and quiet, which is just the way I like my sessions.

Check out Kelsey’s engagement ring. It is one of the more unique diamonds I have ever seen. A salt and pepper diamond, which I have never even heard of. But it is so stunning. Not to mention huge! I love when I am able to see and photograph these unique rings.

I am super excited to photograph their wedding next year, which will be intimate and small, which only means I get so much time getting gorgeous photos of them. Less people = less stress.

Check out their session and let me know what you think!

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