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Want to know a #protip that you can use at your next family photo session? Don’t bring your little ones in the clothes they will be photographed in. The Gibsons got out of the vehicle ready to roll, they just had to change their little boys into their spring family photos session outfits. Such a good thing she did that, because when she got Gavin (7 months) out of his car seat, we quickly realized this wouldn’t be just a quick little change. He had a complete blowout. I’d paint you a picture, but I am sure you have a pretty good idea of how bad a blowout can get. Luckly, Katie (supermom) kept her cool and she quickly got him cleaned up and changed. No big deal, because he wasn’t being photographed in those clothes! So remember that for your next spring family photo session!

I had a blast photographing the Gibsons. Cameron and Gavin was happy and smiley for me the entire time and we got their session done in record time. Katie wanted to replicate an image of Cameron when he was sitting on bucket, and I luckily had a similar bucket to bring. But poor Gavin was not having it sitting on the bucket, he is more of a inside the bucket kind of man.

The photos at the end of the session where they are sitting in that yummy golden light are my favorite. Can’t beat that for a spring family photo session. Their spring family photos was taken at Great Plains Nature Center. I love this park as it beautiful no matter the time of year. Perfect for a nature-like/country session. I also use my high compression lenses to make you just pop off of the background and have everything just be glow and not distracting behind you.

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