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Christmas Engagement Photos

I am so excited to photograph Alli and Steven’s Wichita wedding next year because if they rocked their engagement photos like this, I can’t imagine how amazing their wedding photos will be. I just loved their Wichita engagement photos!

I always love getting to know my couples at their engagement session. I always say it’s perfect practice for your wedding day. We will do very similar poses and you will be a pro at them by the time you are done with your engagement session! It’s also a great way for my couples to get to know me and my style! It’s a win-win!

For my engagement sessions I recommend picking 2-3 locations (at the very least 2). Can’t decide on locations? I will have a handy guide to a list of my favorite spots around town but I love getting to do spots that may be special to your day. There are a couple of ways you can come up with these!

  1. Do you and your significant other have a favorite spot in town? A favorite coffee spot? A park you like to enjoy together? Let’s get some good shots of you guys in your natural environment!
  2. Do you have any private property in your family? A farm or ranch or anything out in the country always works out perfectly and it’s always super unique!
  3. Do you have a special theme or fun thing you like to do that may incorporate a specific location? Maybe your fiancé works at a fire station or is a pilot or maybe you have a super cool, vintage car in the family. Those ideas can take us to several cool, unique spots.

We went to three different locations for their engagement session. The first was their church, where they are getting married. The second was Bradley Fair, but when we got there it was jammed packed with people in line for the horse carriages, and getting photos were taken in front of the enormous tree (which is what we wanted). So we decided to go to Great Plains next and hopefully some of the crowd would disappear for later.

We had the most amazing light at the park. Sunny with just a few wisps of clouds to make some amazing, glowy photos. We got some gorgeous shots there, and then they changed into their second outfit.

We went back to Bradley Fair, and it was still packed. I squeezed us in behind the Christmas tree to get some close-up shots, and then we moved down the stairs. I was somehow able to block the massive crowds and got some of my favorite shots of the evening there. I just love those out of focus, twinkling lights in the background. So romantic! I just love the Christmas themed ones!

Check out their highlight gallery and let me know what you think! Ready to book your own session? Contact me here!

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