Summer Roadtrip Minis

Volkswagon Beetle mini session

My husband got me this vintage 1973 yellow bug for Valentine’s this year and I was over the moon. Like full waterworks. Ever since getting it, I have been dreaming about doing a summer mini session with it and I finally got some photos taken with some lovely ladies modeling clothes from Moxie Boutique! They have clothing perfect for this type of vintage/retro type of look and highly recommend checking them out!

This is probably one of the few minis I have done that is not marketed towards children, though you can absolutely sign up your kids for this one, I envisioned this to be a best friend road trip type of photoshoot. If you ever wanted to grab your bestie and leave your world in the rearview mirror you should get some cute vintage bug photos! Grab your best friend, your dog, maybe your mom, or just come solo. At the very least, get some cute 2020 summer photos, because there since much else about 2020 that is cute.

Interested in booking? Check here for more information!

Interested in booking? Check here for more information!

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  1. I love and your yellow 1973 superbettle volkswagen , and
    can you send me copy of 8’10 photo pictures of and your
    your car and I Love it.

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