Emery 5-year anniversary

Courtney reached out to me about doing their 5-year anniversary session a couple of months ago I was so excited. Their wedding day got rained out, which made them decide they would do some beautiful bridal photos for their 5-year anniversary. They didn’t have a location in mind, so decided to pick Bartlett Arboretum. It’s one of those places that is a bit of a drive, I don’t think I would ever do a wedding there unless it was super small, and it is like a secret garden. I knew it would perfect for romantic bridal photos and I am so excited about how these turned out.

I get a lot of questions from couples asking if I would do an anniversary shoot with them in their wedding day clothing. And I am always yelling YESSSSS. Because it is really a photographer’s ideal session. I get the beautiful couple dressed up in their wedding attire without all of the stress of timelines, family members running around or missing a moment. With this type of session it is relaxed, fun and you can do things on this session that you couldn’t on a wedding day.

I loved doing this for them and so glad they decided to do it. A lot of couples say they want to do it, and for some reason back out. It’s a bit of a commitment to get back into your dress, get your hair and makeup done. But let me tell you it is so worth it. You get beautiful images in a fraction of the time of an actual wedding day and it is so much less stress.

Anyone who wants do this, let me know. I love it!j

Hair and Makeup by Blushed Beauty Co.

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