Chase turns 3!

I have known Chase for a couple of years now and love his parents! We actually hang out on the lake during the summer allll the time. Love Kayla and Chad. Which means I’ve photographed them for a couple of years. Chase has always been a bit tricky to photograph, not a big camera and photo-taking guy. Which, who can blame him? I don’t like getting my photo taken either. But Chase turned 3 last week, and it’s like he is a completely different little boy! He smiled for me, had fun running around, had a blast with his balloons, and was totally cooperative. Which makes for such a simple and easy 3-year-old session! If you have a toddler, you know that you never know how it is going to go, and this went so well!

Happy Birthday Chase!

Location: My Yard
Balloons: Amazon and Party City

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