Isabell turns 2!

Isabell’s grandma scheduled her two-year old session like waaaay back in February or maybe even Jaunary. Then COVID happened and we had to reschedule, not only did we have to reschedule due to the virus, but I couldn’t get all of my props in the mail quickly enough due to all the shipping issues.

But we finally got it scheduled and I had so much fun setting up the Moana theme! I wish I could take credit for the raft, but Isabella’s dad created and built that himself. It was so cool and perfect for her Moana session! She wasn’t particularly fond of getting her photo taken, so I had to enlist my cat, Pixel, for help. He helped get her distracted while we attempted to get some good shots of her. He is always down to get involved with a cool setup!

We also ended up getting some photos outside, so you could get the full visual of the raft, it was pretty big in my studio, and then some cute pics of mom and dad!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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