Emersyn Turns One

One year woodland photos

So I found out that doing celebration sessions during the pandemic is really hard. First, I wasn’t allowed to photograph anyone. Second, I couldn’t order any props to get them here in time, because Amazon was prioritizing other items than my super cute photo setups. Third, you can’t redo 1 year old birthdays, they turn one only once, and they change sooo fast after that.

But I was lucky enough to capture Emersyn’s photos right around her birthday. And I was lucky enough to have the items I needed to create Jessica’s vision of a woodland theme. I had bought the birchwood during Christmas, thinking I was going to use them for something else, and never did. They worked so perfectly for this.

I also got lucky that Emersyn is just such a cute, smiling baby. Even when we put her on a bench she was completely skeptical of, she still kept a crooked smile. Check out those photos, you will crack up, just like I did.

I am excited to start scheduling more celebrations, so message me if you are interested! And also comment below and tell me what you think of Emersyn’s photos!

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  1. Ben says:

    You do such an amazing job!!

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