The Lost Bride

All of my weddings for the next month and half have been postponed and I foresee even more being postponed beyond that. I have been working from home, which means I have been living in the studio. Which working from home has been nice, don’t get me wrong. But man. I do miss people. I don’t have many photoshoots to plan or look forward too and I just miss talking to more than my dogs. Though they are very happy to see me.

So I am sitting here Friday afternoon, looking at the super nice day and already mad that I won’t have a wedding this weekend and no creative juices flowing. I thought back to an old styled shoot I did I think like 4 years ago and immediately reached out to Sydney to see if she would be willing to bring it back to a spring version. And we did!

We had so much with this, the dress still looked great. Though it looked a bit more yellow than it did before. I guess that’s what happens when I shove it way back into my closet. I had so many florals from all my mini sessions and I used some of my own shoes and jewelry to create some “detail” shots.

Can you tell I am bored? But it worked. I feel like my creative juices are going again. We have some more fun creative shoots planned and I am excited about them. If I can’t have a wedding to shoot, I will create my own faux bride session. Thank you, Sydney, for modeling for me! I had a blast.

We started photographing in the studio and then headed for the backyard to get the sunset. It was so windy, but I think the wind worked in our favor.

Let me know what you think!

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