Jazzy | 2020 Senior

Jazzy. 2020 senior. Cheerleader. Goofy. Tomboy.

I felt like Jazzy was everything and then also contradicted everything, if that makes sense. She was so fun to photograph, beautiful smile and then a killer model face that she could turn on in a snap. Cheerleader who doesn’t like to wear dresses, even though her mom REALLY tried. And she has this gorgeous, GORGEOUS, long hair, but loves wearing it up all the time. Poses so well and gracefully, yet her mom describes her as the goofiest person.

It was so much fun learning all about her and her family, and her best friend, who came along on the session! I wish you the very best in your remaining days as a senior and I know you will rock the world afterward.

Check out her senior photo gallery!

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