Mommy & Me 2020

I think this mommy and me setup is my favorite one yet. I have been envisioning doing this type of look in the studio for more than a year now and I think I finally did it. I will probably do more variations of this in the future. But I love how the greens, pinks and whites melt together in this. Absolutely love it.

I usually do just a post of facebook revealing the images, but I loved so many of these promo images that I decided to do a whole blog post about it so that everyone can see it 🙂

Thank you to Jessica and Emersyn for being my gorgeous models for this shoot, and for Ben dancing in the background making Emersyn giggle. You guys were so much fun.

So check out the gallery below, and if you love it as much as I do, you can sign up early here! Leave me a comment if you love these too!

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