Christmas PJ Minis

For my 2021 Christmas minis, I wanted to do a favorite Christmas set I had done 2 years ago, the Christmas PJ Minis! I wanted to do this set again because for a couple of reasons.

  1. So many people ask for this setup after I was done with the minis that year. I knew I had to bring it back just so that others could get these cute Christmas PJ minis!
  2. This session is indoors! Which makes it so much easier during the colder months. Turns out that this year I didn’t have to worry about it, it was so warm the weekend these were scheduled!
  3. Because it is indoors, I can schedule these for all during the day and don’t have to wait for “golden hour”.
  4. It’s so easy to get kids to cooperate because they recognize a bed and know it is mean to get on to and snuggle and be cute.

A new thing I did this season was also have two different sets of Christmas Minis. One outdoor one, the Christmas Tree Minis, and this indoor set. I feel like having the two options caters to different types of families, younger and older families. The outdoor ones, you just have more room for kids to move around when they are older. Whereas the indoor set is really great for little, little ones. It’s also temperature controlled, so happier little ones.

I am already planning next year’s minis, and am thinking about doing a Christmas truck mini and I am still pondering about the indoor set. But let me know what you think in the comments below!

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What’s next?

Check out my GLITTER MINIS scheduled in January! Here is a sneak!

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