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When Abby first reached to me for her ’22 fall senior photos she said something about my style of photography that not many people point out, but something that I love and strive for in my style. And that is the way that I focus on my subjects and let the background just fade into a beautiful blur.

When I pick locations for a portrait, the first thing that lets me know if this is a good location or not is whether or not the light is good. After I determine that the light is good, I will pose you in front of a non-distracting backdrop. The more I can make that backdrop disappear in a glowy, beautiful blur the more I usually love the photo. I love how it looks and I love how it makes my subjects just POP off the background. I do this for every type of session, not just senior photos.

Best month to take photos

The other thing Abby asked me about is the best time of year to take photos because she was considering also doing a Spring session, which I hope she still does. This question is hard to answer because I have favorite seasons I love to photograph in, like Fall. But I don’t think there is a bad season to photograph, just bad weather 🙂 I can make a winter session look just as magical and dreamy as a fall or summer one.

What makes the difference is the weather. The weather on a single day can affect how your photos will look. Rain, very cold or hot, super windy days are not great for photos. You can manage them all, but they just aren’t ideal. So if you are on the fence about which season you want to do photos in, you can pick any season, because in Kansas you can get bad and great weather on any day of the year.

Abby’s fall senior photos took place on a cloudy semi-chilly day. The clouds worked in our favor as we started her session pretty early in the afternoon, and then the sun decided to peek out right at the end of her session. Abby picked out the most perfect outfits to match her style and got professional hair and makeup done as well. Which I totally recommend!

Her session was an absolute dream! The fall color was perfect and there was almost no wind. I am in love with how her images turned out.

Hair and makeup by Brooke Cero

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