Kayla’s Wichita Senior Photos

The first thing I noticed when I started taking Kayla’s senior photos, was that she had the most unique blue eyes I have ever seen. I am not unfamiliar with blue eyes by any means. My husband has some of the prettiest bright, blue eyes. But Kayla’s? She has these deep, DEEP blue eyes. Like, they don’t look real, deep blue eyes. It almost makes some of the photos look very photoshopped, but besides adding a bit of contrast to her eyes, that is truly the color of her eyes. Just gorgeous! I loved taking these Wichita senior photos!

We hit up some of my favorite spots around Wichita. Down by the river with some sandy beaches and then Great Plains Nature Center and then down to Rose Hill for Bramble’s Edge Farm.


The sandy beach is perfect for that white sand, summery beachy look. All that light reflecting off of the sand made Kayla’s eyes POP!

I know it is only September, but Great Plains Nature Center is already looking like fall. Kayla was made for fall. Her hair and skin tone was so perfect in that fall colors, I just loved it. She also rocked that sweater, making it look cozy and cool, but it was in fact very hot out.

We ended at Bramble’s Edge, which is becoming a favorite of mine, even though I have only been out there a handful of times now. The sunset was absolutely stunning, which made for such beautiful bokeh backgrounds. I just love that glitter of sunlight coming through the trees. It’s my favorite. In her summer dress, Kayla looked like a glowing fairy in between all those zinnias and the glowing light. You have to scroll to the bottom to see it all!

Which spot is your favorite??

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