Mommy and Me Mini

Just you surrounded by your littles on a comfy bed with too many pillows, the perfect window light, a peacock chair and lots of greenery. Moms are normally the ones taking all the photos day in and day out. Pictures of your little one doing something silly, your baby and dad and everything else in between. This mommy and me mini gives you an opportunity to dress up and be in front of the camera with your little one(s) giving you snuggles and kisses. Coming out of a pandemic, how often have you been dressed up ready to get some cute photos? The mommy and me mini is only 15 minutes long, which is long enough to get some cute photos, but not long enough where little attention spans run short.

This mommy and me mini takes place in my studio in Wichita KS. I am in north Wichita.

They are only little for a little while, so make sure you get those memories. When you book, I give out a guide to help with outfit advice, how to prepare and what to expect at your mommy and me mini.

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Want to know where they got their outfits? Check the links below.
Mom’s dress
Little girl dress
Toddler overalls
Green pants

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