Amelia and Hayden’s Backyard Wedding

Amelia and Hayden’s wedding was another wedding that was affected by the pandemic. Their original plans changed due to family not being able to travel due to the rising numbers of cases and instead of pushing it all back, they had this absolutely gorgeous wedding in the backyard of their new house they bought this summer. It was such a beautiful, intimate wedding with all of their closest friends and family. Can you believe this is all in their backyard?! Right by the river in riverside, Wichita. It was the perfect location.

My favorite part of their day was really their decor and theme of the wedding. Amelia found her gorgeous wedding dress at a second-hand store, and so was most of her decor! These colors and various mix-matching of vintage vases and jars were so pretty together and it really came to life after sunset with all of the twinkling lights and candles lit. Amelia also had such amazing vintage pieces for her wearable details. Just check out that vintage watch that belongs to her grandmother, I just love it.

Also, check out that bouquet. Freaking gorgeous. Beautiful work by Moore Flowers.

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