Jamie’s Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal boudoir photography sessions is one of my most favorite sessions to photograph. I love doing boudoir already, but adding those bridal details and elements, just makes it so much more personal and fun. Also, we get to add more white, if you haven’t noticed, I do love my white, bright and clean boudoir photos.

Jamie is one of my best friends and I loved doing her normal boudoir session last year and then did her bridal boudoir this summer. She is just so naturally gorgeous, it makes it so easy for me. One thing I learned from Jamie’s session, is to make sure to try on your outfits before hand. If you got some kind of body suit or something with more than normal straps and tying points, it’s best to figure that out before. She brought one outfit with lots of clasps and straps and we could not figure it out! So lesson learned!

If you are interested in your own boudoir or bridal boudoir photography session, contact me and we can start chatting. I won’t post your photos without your permission. Promise.

Things I recommend for your bridal boudoir session:

  1. Book a professional hair and makeup artist. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Already have a makeup artist booked for your wedding? See if you can line up your trail day with your bridal boudoir session day!
  2. Bring your S.O.’s favorite button down shirt or sports jersey. He will love it.
  3. Lotion! Moisturize the night before and the morning of. You don’t think about it, but dry elbows, knees and feet does show! Bring a bottle of lotion with you to your session. Though I do have a bottle handy, if you forget 🙂
  4. Stay away from salty food the days before your session! It will help you not retain as much water, which means you won’t have any excess bloating.
  5. Bring your bridal details! Your ring, shoes, veil, garter, hair pieces.

Do you have any questions for me? Comment below or send me a message!

Hair and Makeup: Grace Young

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