Debbie Pfingston | Personal Brand

Sometimes when I tell friends I have a personal branding session coming up, they look at me in confusion. What is a personal branding session? It’s a fairly new concept that takes normal professional business headshots to the next level.

So many people use online platforms to represent themselves, they become their own brand and they need images to speak to their potential audience. Most of these images are themselves! Doesn’t always have to be though, it could be close ups of your business products or your office or anything you may be interested in or like to your audience to know about.

For Debbie’s photos, she just needed some updated headshots for an award she was nominated for! But not the normal studio, boring background look. Something a bit more fun and personal.

I have so many personal branding sessions coming up and I am excited to share more about them. But for now, enjoy Debbie’s new photos!

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