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Christmas Farm Photo

So I am a bit ashamed that these super cute Christmas tree farm photos are my first photos at a tree farm! I don’t really know how I went so long without it, because now I can’t get enough.

Natalie contacted me months ahead of time, which is such a good thing, because this time of year is insane to book. Especially if you are wanting to book within a week or two. Nearly impossible! But she knew she wanted Christmas tree farm photos, and so I was set on a mission to find a cute tree farm! I called around a bit, and I won’t list all of the places I called. Some weren’t open yet, some charged a ridiculous amount for an hour and then I found this cute farm!

Pine Lake Christmas Tree Farm is located in Derby, and we had to call ahead to make sure someone would be there. We first had this session scheduled for a Monday afternoon, but it was freeeeezing cold and windy that day. If you can’t tell from the photos, Halle Berry (the little white poodle) is pretty small and we were worried that she actually freeze during that session. Not that I was looking forward to the cold either. So we rescheduled for the following Sunday and got this super nice evening. I don’t even think I wore a coat.

So I always say that when you bring dogs, it’s like bringing a 2 year old toddler. You never know how they will behave. And this session was no exception. Nova (black dog) is normally super well behaved dog, but the excitement of the new location, plus there was other dogs plus other people can make even the most behaved dogs a bit over excited. Though Halle Berry was super chill the whole time. Her and I became pretty good buds.

No session is ever completely perfect though. Right at the end of the session, we were having a good time, the sun was gifting us a super pretty sun set, the temps were nice and the light was divine when Nova accidentally jammed sharp stick to the roof of her mouth! She started crying and she was ok afterward, but definitely took the excitement out of her. But other than some dog drama, the session really was perfect. See for yourself!

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