5 Reasons to Book a Mini Session

Snow Mini Session

There are plenty of reasons why I love mini sessions. But if you are ever on the fence to why you should book one, or if it worth it, I created a quick list of my top 5 reasons. For those of you who have booked mini sessions, comment and let me know your top reason!

Spring Mini

5. You want quality over quantity. Instead of getting 40 to 50 images to sift through, you will get 5 to 10 of the best images and your decision making process will make it so much easier to get it on your home walls.

4. It’s painless and quick. Not only are they great for kids, who have extremely short attention spans. It is also easier to convince the men in your life to smile for 15 minutes, rather than an hour. It’s so easy, it will be over before you know it and will have beautiful images with no complaints.

Watermelon minis in July

3. It’s a great deal! Who doesn’t like fresh, updated photos of the family or kids for a fraction of the price? I believe all of my sessions are very reasonable priced, but a mini is quite the steal for what you get!

2. Kids grow fast. They change so much even within a year, and with minis popping up all throughout the year, you can capture them at all of their different stages.

Mommy and Me Minis

1. Brand photos. With instagram growing at rapid speed, these minis could be perfect for getting a few creative portrait shots to promote yourself on instagram or other social media platforms. Even I love having a few extra nice looking photos of myself to showcase online! What other reasons do you have for booking minis? I know I have a few loyal clients that always books, year after year. Why do you love them?

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