A wedding day timeline can make your break your day!


I am a wedding photographer, which means I am a whiz at creating wedding day timelines. I am. here to help brides plan their day, so I am going to share my tried and true wedding day timeline!

It never fails, I am enjoying my evening or weekend. And I get a panicked email from a bride who is needing to know her timeline for her wedding day NOW, because the hair stylists need to know when to show up and the makeup lady needs to know when she needs to leave. Your mom wants to know when she has to be dressed. The list goes on and on.

There are quite a few tips I can give you on how to pick your ceremony time. When to have your reception start. But first you should see what a timeline looks like, so you can see where things fall, and you can start prioritizing and make time for what YOU WANT!

The one thing brides call me in a panic about

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